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PPAs – What Industrial Offtakers Need to Know

PPAs are becoming a key pillar for industrial decarbonisation efforts. Many corporates have the ambition to switch their power procurement to 100% green power in the upcoming years. Given the current surge in power prices, PPAs are seen as an important tool to hedge against further increases in power prices. A lot of companies aim to procure green power within their individual countries of activities. This requires a thorough understanding of the national power market and renewables dynamics.

Watch the recording of our recent public webinar, where we focused on the needs of PPA offtakers in Europe.

Our PPA experts discussed:

  • How can PPA demand and supply across Europe be predicted?
  • Which countries will have a PPA oversupply vs undersupply?
  • How do the current power prices affect PPA prices?
  • How can PPAs be used to hedge against uncertain energy price developments?

Here you will find the presentation.

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