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Nodal Price Forecasting and Grid Congestion in MISO

By July 10, 2024July 12th, 2024Showcase Feed, Insight, North America, MISO

Key takeaways from the report include the following:

  • MISO nodal prices are highly variable, with MISO’s nodal prices varying by $47/MWh in 2023. By far the biggest price deviations are seen in the North, where renewables generation and a sparser grid can produce strong and localized congestion.
  • Nodal prices in MISO are also relatively persistent: 90% of nodes below the 10th percentile in 2019 remained below the 25th percentile in 2023.
  • The implementation of Tranche 1 alleviates congestion and reduces wind curtailment significantly across North regions. However, increased flow caused by Tranche 1 may lead to additional congestion requiring further investment for remediation.

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