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Navigating Battery Financing in Iberia 2024

The rapid growth of intermittent renewable energy in Iberia has increased cannibalisation, especially for Solar PV, with a 17% discount to baseload in 2023. Battery storage is crucial for mitigating this risk, ensuring supply security amid thermal plant closures, and decarbonising the energy mix.

In line with NECP’s ambitious targets of 22 GW of storage by 2030, significant capital deployment and optimised revenue streams are essential for investment and financing decisions. Storage systems are cost-effective for integrating renewables and enhancing system security, though external financing is crucial for widespread adoption.

Access this report to get a clear view of how batteries will participate in each market and how they will be impacted by undergoing market developments:

  • What are the available revenue streams for batteries?
  • What are the main downside risks to consider for financing?
  • What are the barriers to Project Financing?

Chronos, our battery valuation software, is now available for Iberia. Click here to learn more about the tool, or contact Amy Crisp for a personal demo!

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