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Today we’ve published our latest independent report which demonstrates the potentially critical role of long duration electricity storage in GB to ensure energy security. The report was commissioned by Engie, SSE, National Grid ESO, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), Highview Power, Foresight, Gilkes Energy, Drax, Invinity Energy Systems, Field, and Intelligent Land Investments Group.

Key findings

  • A new report from Aurora Energy Research shows that up to 24 GW of Long Duration Electricity Storage (LDES) – equivalent to eight times the current installed capacity – could be needed to integrate wind power into a secure Net Zero electricity system
  • LDES include pumped storage and a range of innovative new technologies that can store electricity for four hours or more in order to supply firm, flexible and fast responding energy that is valuable for managing a high renewables system
  • Introducing LDES in large quantities in GB by 2035 can reduce carbon emissions by 10 MtCO2 p.a., reduce system costs by £1.13 bn p.a. (2.5%) and reduce reliance on gas by 50 TWh p.a.
  • However additional policy is needed for large-scale deployment of LDES. In addition to direct support such as establishing an adapted Cap & Floor mechanism, investments in LDES can be enabled by reforms to strengthened market signals

Read more in our public report.

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