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Ireland’s Enduring Connection Policy stage 2 – February 2021

The Enduring Connection Policy facilitates the deployment of new generation capacity in the Republic of Ireland. The first batch of grid connection offers, ECP-1, were published in March 2019, with priority given to DS3 service providers. The second stage, ECP-2, is open to all generating and storage technologies, with priority given to the largest renewable energy generators for the first 25 connection offers. In November 2020, the Commision for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) announced the results of the first of three annual second stage batches, ECP-2.1.

Our latest Ireland policy briefing explores the outcomes of the ECP-2.1 batch, analysing the key results and assessing the impact this will have on the RESS-2 auction.

Key insights include:

  • A total of 2.6 GW of generating and storage capacity was successful in obtaining a grid connection offer through ECP-2.1
  • ECP-2.1 batch was dominated by 1.9 GW of renewable projects, receiving 80 of the 85 initial grid connection offers in Category A
  • Successful solar PV and onshore wind projects in ECP-2.1 brings the total eligible capacity for RESS-2 auction to 3GW
  • With the unsuccessful projects in RESS-1 folding into the RESS-2 auction, Aurora’s preliminary analysis expects average strike price bids of €71 /MWh and €92 /MWh for onshore wind and solar PV respectively, similar to the RESS-1 successful generation weighted average bid of €74 /MWh

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