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Hydrogen Economics in Texas

Clean hydrogen is expected to play a crucial role in decarbonizing the US economy for its potential role in hard-to-decarbonize sectors, such as heavy industry or fertilizers, which contribute significantly to US emissions. Aided by federal funding for regional hydrogen hubs and up to $3/kg of Production Tax Credit support, the fuel will be an increasingly competitive alternative to fossil fuels with wide ranging implications for energy markets.

As a result, there is clear momentum in the hydrogen industry. Major announcements have been made by several players in the market, creating a pipeline of over 50 hydrogen electrolyzer projects that could become operational before 2030 across the US, 20% of which are in Texas. Despite this strong pipeline, uncertainty surrounds the future landscape of hydrogen from the location of hydrogen demand and required infrastructure to the optimal sizing of assets.

In this session, we will analyze the role of green hydrogen in the US and ERCOT and compare the main business models for hydrogen electrolyzers. The session will address the following questions:

  • What is the role for clean hydrogen in the US and ERCOT?
  • Which policies and regulations underpin the clean hydrogen market in the US?
  • Which are the main business models for hydrogen electrolyzer investments in the next decade?
  • Which business model can deliver the lowest cost of hydrogen in ERCOT?
  • How competitive will green hydrogen be when compared with blue or grey hydrogen?

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