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Greece – Key policy updates and market outlook for Renewables to 2030

The Greek power market is currently undergoing a once-in-a-generation transformation. Lignite, once the backbone of the Greek power system, is set to exit the market by 2025. The electricity market is more liberalised than ever, and many more reforms are under development in order to facilitate a transition to a modern and more sustainable power system. Greece will see major investments in its energy infrastructure by 2030, which opens a wide range of opportunities for different market players.

Watch our webinar recording where we discuss the following topics for the Greek power market:

  • Target model introduction & its effects
    • Wholesale prices
    • Balancing mechanism
    • Regulatory intervention
  • Upcoming policy updates
    • Upcoming storage framework
    • Potential PPA support scheme
    • Strategic reserve and Capacity Remuneration Mechanism
  • RES auctions in Greece
    • Key results and trends
    • Benchmarking and outlook for auction results based on LCOE calculations
  • Renewables outlook to 2030
    • Subsidy-free capacity deployment
    • The potential for corporate PPAs

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