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GB renewables market summary – July 2020

Wind turbines - Aurora Energy Research

We are pleased to present our latest GB renewables market summary report.

Highlights from July include:

  • As a result of an 8% increase in demand since June, average power prices rose to £27.8/MWh. This is equivalent to a rise of £2.3/MWh, or 9%, from prices in June
  • The number of settlement periods with negative intraday prices in July dropped to 25, 33% of the number encountered in June. In the day ahead market, there were 16 hours of negative prices with one occasion that lasted for 9 consecutive hours
  • Electricity generation was coal-free for another month. So far in 2020, the GB power sector has been coal-free for over 3,000 hours
  • Whilst the average load factor for offshore wind decreased by almost 3 p.p since June, to 33.5%, capture prices increased by £4.4/MWh, or 22%, to £24.7/MWh

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