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GB monthly FFR market summary report – June 2020

Here, we present the findings of our FFR market summary report for GB for June 2020.

Firm frequency response markets are expected to change significantly. Summary of the monthly auction results offer insights in price development, contracted volumes and for bidding strategies.

The executive summary is as follows:

  1. In the June tender for delivery in July, there were 85 dynamic bids accepted, with a volume-weighted average price of £6.91/MW/h, down from £7.06/MW/h the previous month. The pattern across EFA blocks remained consistent, with overnight (11pm – 7am) prices 21% lower than in the afternoon/evening (3pm – 11pm)
  2. Open Energi received the highest accepted bid for 1 MW at £10/MW/h for the 3-7pm EFA block, while Limejump had the second highest successful bid for 2 MW at £8.59/MW/h for the 3-11pm EFA blocks
  3. The Habitat-managed 40 MW Arlington Greenfield road battery again received contracts for all EFA blocks, following its entry into the FFR market last month, with average captured prices of £6.81/MW/h. Centrica’s 49 MW Roosecote battery was only awarded contracts in two EFA blocks, down from its previous full 24 hours of accepted bids
  4. A total of 28 static bids were accepted for delivery in July, with a volume-weighted average price of £2.23/MW/h, which is similar to the previous month’s average price

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