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Exploring the New Wave of Subsidy Support in Romania and Hungary

Major power market and renewables investments are coming to Romania and Hungary as they solidify their alignment with the European Union model. After a 6 year stall in renewable energy development in Romania, the upcoming Contract for Difference (CfD) scheme is set to change it all, bringing a large wave of wind and solar deployment in the country. Meanwhile, with a 1.1bn € budget, Hungary is getting ready to secure storage assets, expected to support up to 1,600 MWh.

Access the report to discover:

  • Latest updates on the Romanian CfD scheme, including the overall support offered, key requirements and timeline
  • Total support and key details on the Hungarian battery auction scheme as well as when will the auctions happen
  • Understanding flexibility market revenue streams, where we share our experience in the Greek market
  • How can we help bidders in the Romanian CfD auction and the role of Amun, our wind project valuation software


Quantify the value of your wind project with our cutting-edge software Amun .

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