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European Renewable Energy Markets Attractiveness Report

By May 13, 2022May 16th, 2022Europe, Renewable Energy, Insight

Driven by ambitious decarbonisation targets, Europe is one of the leading regions for renewables investments globally, and is expected to see exponential growth in renewables in the coming years, creating numerous opportunities.

Our new European Renewable​ Energy Markets Attractiveness​ Report​ provides an overview of the European renewables markets and the key underlying value drivers, with a focus on solar and wind technologies.

This report provides you with a high-level understanding of the European renewables markets, offering:

  • Where is best for business? We have ranked 18 European countries, by market attractiveness for offshore wind, onshore wind and solar PV.
  • What is driving the renewables markets? Get to know the regional and local drivers, and the challenges and opportunities they create.
  • What does the market outlook, size, and composition look like across the region and by country?
  • What challenges and opportunities are created by the local policy environments?
  • Which countries have the best market economics for merchant renewables?

Complete the form to download a redacted sample of the report, and we will follow up with you about the full report: