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ERCOT Monthly Market Summary February 2023

Download the latest ERCOT Monthly Market Summary for February 2023.

Key highlights include the following:

  • Day-Ahead and Real-Time prices fell for the second consecutive month, dropping to $20.8/MWh and $18.0/MWh, respectively. $18.0/MWh is the lowest monthly average Real-Time price since June 2020, when prices were supressed by a pandemic induced economic slowdown
  • Transmission demand fell for a second straight month, dropping to 30.3TWh. Peak demand also remained low and system-wide margins never dropped below 8GW
  • Renewables GWAs fell in line with wholesale prices, dropping to $16.8/MWh and $16.9/MWh for solar and wind, respectively. Solar capture prices were the lowest since December 2020; the few high price hours in February occurred in the late evening or early morning when solar generation was zero or near zero
  • Regulation Down prices nearly doubled from January, reaching $8.9/MW. The increase in price was the result of higher procurement values, which reached their highest level in over five years (405.5MW/hour)

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Download the report below:

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