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ERCOT Flexible Energy – Aurora’s Dedicated Battery Market Service

This document presents Aurora Energy Research’s ERCOT Flexible Energy Market Outlook report for May 2023 – our dedicated battery service. Download below a redacted version of our 90-page battery service report.

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Aurora’s Flexible Energy Add-On gives developers, asset owners, and investors everything they need to build and assess battery investment cases through:

  • Granular forecast data – Hourly and sub-hourly energy and ancillary service prices
  • Competitive analysis – review of historical battery performance for all operational assets to help analyze the competitive landscape
  • Strategic analysis – regular updates of key policy impacting storage, scenario analysis, and key risks/sensitivities
  • Investment cases – regular updates to 72+ standard investment cases for different project durations, locations, commissioning dates, and market scenarios

If you would like more information, please get in touch with Danielle Startsev.

Click below to download a redacted sample of the report, and we will follow up with you about the full report:

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