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Energy transition in southeastern Europe: opportunities for renewables

Power markets in southeastern Europe are currently undergoing significant changes and even bigger ones are expected to follow over the next decade. From ageing thermal capacities and pressure to decarbonise; to new subsidy regimes, increasing market liberalisation and regional integration; the upcoming decade is expected to transform the status quo in the power markets of the region. Without a doubt, this will open opportunities for new investments and business models.

In this webinar recording, we look at this once-in-a-generation transformation and analyse the key market developments in Greece, Romania, and Bulgaria. The webinar also introduces the launch of our power market forecast service in these countries.

Highlights we discuss include the following points for Greece, Romania and Bulgaria:

  • Energy policy landscape and markets overview:
    • decarbonisation targets and coal closure plans
    • RES subsidy regimes
  • Power price developments – how will the retirement of thermal plants, increasing RES penetration and rising commodities prices affect power prices?
  • Investment opportunities and risks for new capacities, with a focus on RES:
    • what are the prospects of RES in the region?
    • how much capacity is expected to come online and what are the key risks?
  • The potential of PPAs in the region:
    • what role can PPAs play across the region?
    • what is the potential for PPA off-take?

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