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Electricity Independence in the Baltics: How to Tap Into the Potential of Offshore Wind

The Baltic power market is in flux: the region is set to desynchronise from the Russian grid in 2025 while Estonia and Lithuania aim to cover 100% of power demand with renewables by 2030.

Offshore wind is pivotal for the Baltic states to achieve energy independence and reach their renewable targets. Although Lithuania’s second offshore wind auction featured a two-sided Contract for Difference (CfD), it did not attract enough bidders, and the Estonian seabed lease auctions have also seen a lack of interest. Therefore, the coming offshore wind tenders in Estonia and Lithuania must have attractive conditions for developers, especially considering the elevated interest rates and supply chain complexities in the current market environment.

In our latest Public Report, we share our analysis of the region’s road to energy independence and the challenges and opportunities presented by offshore wind.

If you would like to learn more about the changing dynamics of the Baltic energy market and our services in the region, please contact Laura Raud Pettersson.

This report was first presented at a Public Webinar, which you can watch the recording of.

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