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Co-locating Batteries with Solar PV in France

Co-locating Batteries with Solar PV

In France, vast volumes of renewables came online in 2022 with 2.6 GW from solar alone. Due to increased solar PV capacity and cannibalisation, anticipated revenues for solar PV plants exposed to the wholesale market are falling rapidly, which could even jeopardise the viability of some business cases.

In response to this scenario, co-locating battery storage systems with new or existing PV assets could mitigate many potential downsides of future developments by storing electricity during the day and selling it at night.

Access this report to gain valuable insights into:

  • Is the financial upside from generation shifting enough to cover the additional upfront investment required?
  • How does the co-located business case compare to a stand-alone large-scale solar PV asset?
  • What is the upside in terms of cost savings from co-locating a new battery with a solar PV asset?

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