We are pleased to present our July 2020 French power market forecast. This quarterly report serves as a short update to account for the latest commodities and market updates since our annual April 2020 report.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Since our previous forecast in May 2020, baseload prices in France have decreased by an average of 1.8€/MWh (or 4%) until 2025. Beyond that, baseload prices are similar to our previous forecast
  • Similar to baseload prices, capture prices for onshore wind and solar PV register a slight dip of 1.4€/MWh and 1.5€/MWh relative to our previous forecast over the period to 2025
  • Until 2025, gas prices see an average dip of 0.7€/MWh (or 4%) while carbon price falls by an average of 1.2€/tCO2 (or 4.9%)
  • Our short term demand until 2021 sees a downward revision due to COVID-19. Demand falls by 2% to 452 TWh relative to our previous update in 2020 and by 3% to 475 TWh relative to our previous update in 2021. Beyond these years, demand remains the same

The report is available now on our new-look EOS platform.

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