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0°C, but 0 CO2 Emissions? – Exploring Transformation Paths to Decarbonise District Heating

12% of household heat across Europe is supplied by district heating, which is currently mostly produced by cogeneration coal and gas plants. Therefore, net-zero targets will require fundamental changes in the way district heating is provided. With a large number of replacement investments already happening in the next decade, climate neutrality needs to be on the mind of every district heating operator in the country to avoid stranded investments.

In this webinar, we will therefore explore the challenges and opportunities in decarbonising district heating grids in an integrated manner. While electrification and heat pumps will likely play a pivotal role, seasonal variations of demand and temperature requirements in the pipeline network will require balanced portfolios of different technologies to provide reliable, climate neutral, and cost-effective heat.

Following a discussion of the technology options for district heating decarbonisation, we are proud to present the first results of our newly developed district heating dispatch and investment model. We were fortunate to collaborate with Wärme Hamburg, operator of one of Europe’s largest district heating grids, in developing it and will present decarbonisation pathways for the district heating system of Wärme Hamburg as a case study.

To watch the recording and view the slides of our webinar, please use the link below.

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