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Grid-Scale Battery Storage in PJM: Introduction and Outlook

The buzz around grid-scale batteries continues to grow across the US, aided by the Inflation Reduction Act’s ITC. Although PJM has seen modest buildout so far, the ~80 GW of batteries currently in the queue point to opportunities ahead. State battery targets in VA and NJ, with others potentially on the way, are further evidence of brighter prospects in the coming decades.

The team has produced a full report on Grid-Scale Battery Storage in PJM including the following topics:

  • In-depth look at battery revenue streams and investment cases in PJM
  • Review of battery project pipeline and analysis of historical battery returns
  • Modelled forecast of revenue streams and dispatch-optimized investment cases for batteries by duration, region, and in-service year

Download a redacted sample of the report below.

Interested in the full report? For more information contact Jay DeCunzo

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