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Decoding the Mantelerlass and its Impact on Switzerland’s Energy Landscape​

The Materlerlass is a major piece of legislation that aims to accelerate Switzerland’s renewables buildout while ensuring security of supply for its power sector. As the legislation heads to the popular vote on 9 June, our latest report evaluates the impact its adoption would have on Switzerland’s energy landscape.

The report considers the current challenges facing the Swiss power system and what issues may lie ahead. It covers how existing legislation is struggling to effectively meet these challenges, and what measures the Mantelerlass is proposing to tackle them.

Key takeaways include:

  • Although the Swiss power mix is largely decarbonised already, the country depends significantly on power imports in winter. With an expected 25% increase in power demand between now and 2060, security of supply will be a key challenge going forward.
  • The Mantelerlass aims to do this by accelerating renewables buildout – for non-hydro renewables, the generation target for 2035 would more than triple.
  • Key measures proposed include a new subsidy scheme, simplified permitting procedures, and mandatory renewables requirements.
  • Additionally, the Mantelerlass would introduce a new winter reserve, exemption of storage technologies from grid fees, and incentives for prosumers.
  • If the Mantelerlass is not adopted in the referendum on 9 June, Switzerland’s import dependence is expected to increase in the long term.

Download the full report for a more detailed analysis.

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