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Recent Trends & Price Benchmarks For Nordic PPAs

What are the recent trends and price benchmarks for Nordic Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)? This report is based on our extensive experience supporting clients on PPA related projects and transactions to analyse the market. In this report, we look at how the Nordic market has developed into one of the most mature PPA markets in Europe, now dominating the onshore wind PPA market whilst exploring the wider Nordic PPA trends & price benchmarks.

Read the report for key findings, such as: 

  • The European PPA market for both wind and solar have grown rapidly in recent years, with the Nordic onshore wind PPAs being one of the biggest drivers.
  • There is growth potential for solar and offshore wind PPAs in the Nordics
  • In 2022, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, power prices in the Nordics rose to record heights.
  • The futures market liquidity decreased substantially in 2022 with traded volumes declining by half relative to the year before, further contributing to the increased PPA hedging demand.

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