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Hear about Caspar's experience as an Analyst at Aurora

We checked in with Graduate Analyst, Caspar, to hear all about his experience at Aurora, growing from student to Software Solutions team member in Berlin.

What’s your academic background, and how did that lead you to Aurora?

Before joining Aurora, I completed a Master’s degree in Chemistry at the University of Oxford. During my degree, I developed a passion for problem-solving and data analysis, but I realised that I wanted to apply my skills in a more practical setting, and I liked the idea of working in the sustainability sector. After taking some time out after graduating, I joined Aurora’s graduate programme, and was based in Oxford for 18 months, completing 3 rotations across our Research and Advisory teams. I then took a permanent role in our UK Advisory team for a year, during which time I decided to relocate to our Berlin office, where I am currently based. I now work in our Software Solutions team, engaging with our clients to help them maximise the value of our software products. The role involves various responsibilities to serve our clients, and it’s fair to say it keeps me on my toes!

Why did you choose Aurora?

First and foremost, I was looking for a job where I could apply my quantitative skills in a business setting. As a chemist, energy had always been an interest of mine, and the more I became familiar with the challenges of decarbonisation, the more it struck me that electrification could be the solution in many different applications. I decided to apply to Aurora because I wanted to learn all I could about power markets and their role in the energy transition. I also liked the idea of working for a recent start-up that had managed to disrupt the electricity forecasting world, and being surrounded by like-minded colleagues with a passion for researching and enabling the energy transition. Since joining nearly three years ago, the company has expanded rapidly and successfully, opening offices around the world, and I have continued to be amazed at how much I learn every day from my colleagues and clients alike.

What advice would you give to students exploring graduate programme opportunities?

My advice to those of you reading this is to trust in your abilities and apply to roles that you genuinely find interesting and to fields that you could see yourself becoming an expert in. Life is too short to do something unfulfilling! Feel empowered to reach out to people in the company for a chat, to better understand if you could imagine yourself in a similar role. Make sure to find ways to express who you are during the application process, be it in your cover letter or during interviews. This will help your future employers understand who they are hiring and if you would be a good fit for the role. Lastly, remember that the application process is as much a chance for you to ask questions and understand if you would like to work at a company, as it is the other way around.