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Crucial intelligence to understand the changing dynamics of the Nordic power market


The growth rate of renewables is radically transforming the Nordic power markets, and Nordic investments carry a larger merchant risk compared with the rest of Europe.

As renewables costs decline and the PPA market matures, subsidy-free wind deployment has become viable, and project financiers are comfortable to provide debt. Low power prices and cool climate have attracted new demand sectors such as data centres.


Power markets have become more complex: large investments in renewables are expected, making merchant market risk even more important; there is a divergence of prices across electricity zones;  and there is increasing volatility, also through connection to other EU markets with growing wind and solar shares.

At the same time rising power demand and increasing relevance of green sourcing creates new opportunities and provides additional growth for Europe’s most liquid PPA market.


We are at the forefront of modelling and forecasting the merchant renewables future in each Nordic price zone.

As part of our Nordic Power Market Service, subscribers receive a well-rounded package to manage and mitigate risks and understand the potential of renewables. Bankable forecasts and analysis are underlined by a high level of interactivity with our team.

What’s included?

Quarterly forecast reports:

  • Forecasts of wholesale market prices for each price zone – along 3 scenarios (Central, High, Low) to 2050
  • Price distributions, capture spark spreads, peak prices
  • Capture prices for onshore and offshore wind per price zone
  • Capacity development, generation mix, interconnector capacity, capacity buildout, exports
  • Disaggregated demand outlook with details on EVs, heat pumps, data centres and electrolysis
  • All relevant input assumptions (gas prices, coal prices, CO2 price)
  • Analysis of key sensitivities
  • Data in Excel – all forecast data easily downloadable in Excel format

Unparalleled strategic insights:

  • Regular subscriber group meetings in an intimate roundtable format to discuss our industry-defining analysis under the Chatham House Rule
  • The opportunity to network with senior representatives from utilities, investors, banks and Government
  • Strategic insight reports with quantitative deep-dive analysis on highly topical issues to help guide your most important decisions
  • Regular policy update notes with quantifications of the implications to help you understand the impact on your projects

Interaction with our market experts:

  • Bilateral workshops with our experts to discuss our research and forecasts, and understand the impacts for your business
  • Ongoing access to market experts to address any questions across European power markets
  • Regular subscriber webinars to keep you updated with our latest forecasts, along with key changes in policy and the market
  • Discounted tickets for the unmissable Aurora Spring Forum, attended by senior executives from across Europe

Our subscriptions offer comprehensive market intelligence packages for energy participants. All subscribers get company-wide access to our EOS platform: the energy market’s hub for critical analytics.

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