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Crucial intelligence to understand the changing dynamics of the Greek power market


The Greek power system is undergoing a once-in-a-generation transformation, with a lignite exit planned for 2025, the introduction of the target model and 2.1 GW of RES subsidies until 2024. These drivers, combined with excellent fundamentals for renewables create multiple investment opportunities for the next decade.

Sustained technology cost declines, rising commodity prices and an increase in demand mainly due to island interconnections make room for the deployment of market-driven renewable projects as well as flexible technologies for a robust low-carbon power system.


The planned renewable auctions in Greece are expected to be very competitive but are set to cover only a small proportion of the forecasted buildout in the country. The vast majority of new projects in the next decade could be based on market fundamentals.

Understanding and managing market risks as well as the political landscape for renewables and storage becomes a vital component to investing, financing, and developing projects in Greece.


Our Greek Power and Renewables Market Service enables you to assess the merchant risks inherent in the renewable space, and guide investment and operational decisions. Our subscribers receive a well-rounded package to manage and mitigate risks; understand the potential of renewables; and market intelligence to make decisions around the key policy and market risks.  Bankable forecasts and analysis are underlined by a high level of interactivity with our team.

We are at the forefront of forecasting the economics of subsidy-free renewables, assessing  merchant risks and guiding investment decisions.

What’s included?

Quarterly forecast reports:

  • Wholesale market price forecast along 3 scenarios (Central, High, Low) to 2060
  • Recent market and policy developments
  • Price distributions, peakload prices and capture spark spreads
  • Capture prices for key RES technologies (onshore wind, solar)
  • Capacity development, generation mix, interconnector capacity and flows,
  • All relevant input assumptions (coal prices, gas prices, CO2 price, demand breakdown)
  • Analysis of key sensitivities
  • Data in Excel – all forecast data easily downloadable in Excel format
  • PPA valuation (example of fair price valuation) together with a PPA supply & demand forecast

Interaction with our market experts:

  • Bilateral workshops with our experts to discuss our research and forecasts, and the impacts on your business
  • Ongoing access to expert analysts to address any questions across European power markets
  • Regular webinars to keep you updated with our latest forecasts, along with key changes in policy and the market
  • Discounted tickets for the unmissable Aurora Spring Forum, attended by senior executives from across Europe

Our subscriptions offer comprehensive market intelligence packages for energy market participants. All subscribers get company-wide access to our EOS platform: the energy market’s hub for critical analytics.

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